Coming October 2019

Paper, hammer, paint

Nadine Zackrisson:   All the things I paint come from dreams and memories of places I’ve been.  I try to capture the feelings of those with colorful images using collage, inks, and acrylics.  Houses and barns in imaginary landscapes are often elements of my work.

Jeanne Celeste:  I'm a collector at heart...bits and pieces of paper, old rusty items no longer useful. I'm also a photographer as a way of really seeing the world. Eventually, these diverse items start gathering in groups and I create collages and assemblages as a way of honoring their stories.

Sandra Whiting: My paintings are a combination of places both real and imagined. Using cold wax and oils, I create layers of paint and texture on wood panels. I often feel like an archeologist as I scrape into the paintings to reveal hidden colors and images. Both urban and rural landscapes are prominent in my paintings. 

October 4-November 3

Wednesday - Sunday 11-5

Artist Reception: Friday, October 4, 5-7 p.m.